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Exclusive Interview with Buck Commander Team Member Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor gave us some time as the Buck Commander team prepares for hunting season, as well as Season 7 of the successful show.

As it’s stated on the “Meet the Buckmen” page of the Buck Commander website, Grant Taylor “spends a lot of his time in the office managing the business side of Buck Commander.” That’s not entirely true.

In a recent phone conversation, Taylor reflected on his experience since joining the Buck Commander team in 2011, and though he maybe be known as part of the office crew, he’s seen his share of other duties as well.

One of his favorite memories from the show involves a certain rental car and some, ahem, damage that occurred by means of a large bulldozer.

“I don’t know if you ever saw that,” Taylor laughed, “but that was one of those things that still shocks me.” However, that wasn’t the best part.

“One of the things I remember the most about that was right before they ran over it, really right before, the guy’s brother all of a sudden says ‘Stop! I need to get my luggage out of there!’ Lo and behold, he drags his suitcase out of the trunk, closes the trunk, and they run over it. I thought, ‘That guy was like five seconds away from getting all his luggage and his stuff crushed in there.'”

But what happened when the carnage was through?

“It was all fun and games, but in the aftermath, somebody had to deal with the fallout,” he continued. “And of course it was left to me, to handle it, and just take care of it. I was like, ‘I didn’t create this situation, now I have to deal with the fallout?’ I was the cleanup man.”

And so it goes, that one of the best stories from Taylor’s memories so far in his time with Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Adam Laroche, and the rest of the Buck Commander group. New episodes from the seventh season of “Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour air Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET. They’re tight knit, and Taylor emphasized what’s apparent in the show.

“We’re all friends and comfortable with each other, so I think, especially when you’re dealing with guys who are in the public spotlight all the time, that’s big,” he said of his cohorts. “The neat thing about Buck Commander is we produce the show ourselves, and everybody’s comfortable with everybody. So you can tap in to that idea that everybody really gets together to hang out, and you get to see our guys in their element.”

“You kind of realize that the Buck Commander group aren’t that far off from what your deer hunting camp is like, or what your family is like,” Taylor said. And it’s that fact that’s likely behind much of the success of the show.

That regular guy feel resonated with a quick anecdote Taylor shared about Luke Bryan.

“This guy lives on stage, he’s on TV, different awards shows. And yet here he is, shooting a deer, and he’s just beside himself,” Taylor said with obvious excitement. “That is 100%, genuine, pure emotion. And I think it’s cool to see somebody who’s been on big stages like he has, really have a pure and genuine reaction like that. Man, you can tell this is just really what he enjoys doing.”

Taylor pointed out his devotion to spreading his faith and bringing goodwill to followers of the show, and wanted to emphasize the Buck Commander crew’s

He also mentioned My Outdoor TV, and the opportunity to subscribe and watch shows like Buck Commander online, on the go, as a cool way to keep up with the show and watch old episodes. “It’s a great way to consume content on the fly,” he said. “That’s one of the neat things of the way we do it today, you have all this stuff at your fingertips.”

It’s hard for Taylor to pinpoint one moment from this new season, the seventh of Buck Commander, as his favorite. But, the first episode stood out for him.

“It combines some really, really good deer hunting, some really good deer, with a lot of entertainment,” he said, careful not to spoil too much. “We were able to get all the characters in there, it’s just a really good one.”

Taylor admitted that the Buck Commander teams are getting up there in age (“There’s a higher per capita of gray hairs in camp now than when we started. It’s hard to deny that Father Time is making his way into camp.”), and we asked him to think down the road a bit. He preceded his thoughts by mentioning “I have not seen a single sign of anyone slowing down. If anything I see guys getting more and more involved.” But he also looked ahead and thought about what it will mean to him in the future.

“Honestly, I would just say what an awesome experience, because I got to do it with some of my best friends,” he said. “And not only just hunting buddies, but guys that, we all live our lives together side by side. We go through all the normal life things. Show or no show, having friends you can lean on and really have your back when things are tough, that’s my takeaway.”

Sounds an awful lot like you and your hunting buddies, doesn’t it? Taylor hinted at some cool things in the works involving potential new shows on Outdoor Channel, and they seemed right in line with the same feel as Buck Commander, but under some different categories. Just the sort of thing to keep an eye out for.



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Exclusive Interview with Buck Commander Team Member Grant Taylor