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The Internet Thought Steven Spielberg Hunted a Dinosaur

An Internet jokester’s post that contained a photo of Steven Speilberg posing with a fake triceratops revealed some anti-hunters true colors.

If you surfed the Internet last week, you undoubtedly read about Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas huntress whose hunting pictures on Facebook caused an global uproar.

People from all over the world flamed Jones over the pictures. Several people even threatened to kill her.

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So, to poke fun at the story du’jour, one online jokester posted a photo of Steven Spielberg with a fake triceratops on the set of 1995 film Jurassic Park with a sarcastic caption about how Spielberg is a real jerk for hunting the animal.

Image via Facebook
It was clearly a joke, and most people figured that out, but it really went over some people’s heads, especially some anti-hunters who were waaaay too quick to judge.
Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.27.20 PM
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It made some people really, really mad. Warning: there’s some strong language in the post below.

Image via

I’m disappointed in you too, Steven Spielberg. How dare you kill dinosaurs. Don’t you know they’re extinct?! You heartless savage!

What would have been your reaction if you saw this post on Facebook?

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The Internet Thought Steven Spielberg Hunted a Dinosaur