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International Students Go Ice Fishing in Maine for the First Time [VIDEO]

These 12 exchange students won't soon forget this field trip.

For the last six years, exchange students at Orono High School near Bangor, Maine have been going ice fishing as part of their American experience. Orono High's international coordinator MacKenzie Hanson said that the ice fishing excursion is just one of many ways that international students are immersed in Maine culture during their time in the U.S.

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This year's students come primarily from from Europe, China, and Vietnam.

Only one student fell in, but he didn't seem too bothered by his icy mishap.

"It is not bad," said Chinese student Mike Dong. "I'm not that easy to feel embarrassed or shame or shy."

Svenja Linder, a German student, found herself pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed ice fishing. She explained that while the lakes near her home in southern Germany do freeze over, no one tries to fish through the ice.

"It's so interesting," she said. "I didn't actually think it would be that exciting, but once the flag gets up, everyone gets excited."

The United States has a great outdoor culture when it comes to celebrating our natural resources. Whether it's hiking, ice fishing, or simply enjoying the breathtaking landscapes around us, it's always nice to be reminded that our outdoor spaces are a key part of our American identity.

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International Students Go Ice Fishing in Maine for the First Time [VIDEO]