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This Could Be the Most Interesting Use of a Shotgun Ever [VIDEO]

This is not your everyday use of a shotgun. 

Do you remember Lawnchair Larry? Larry Walters is the guy from California who strapped 42 helium-filled weather balloons to a lawn chair and launched himself into the sky. He got to 15,000 feet and messed up air traffic around the Long Beach airport.

Eric Roner is Lawnchair Larry on steroids. Larry had a standard lawnchair. Eric stepped up and used a chaise lounge. Larry used a pellet gun to pop balloons one at a time to slow his ascent. Eric brought a pump shotgun and blew them to pieces, several at a time.

Here’s more evidence Eric was smarter than Larry. Eric had an exit strategy.


Larry eventually shot enough balloons to descend. Eric blasted a few with his shotgun, then released the balloons and rode the lawn chair down for a while before bailing out, popping his parachute, and gliding to the ground.

Eric may be the only person to ever take a shotgun with them on a skydive. He’s no match for Felix Baumgartner, but he’s not Lawnchair Larry either.

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This Could Be the Most Interesting Use of a Shotgun Ever [VIDEO]