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The Interesting History of the Browning Automatic Rifle

The famous Browning Automatic Rifle or B.A.R. is a game changer for G.I.s and G-Men.

Developed by John Browning to meet the requirements of American infantry "Doughboys" and fielded in the later stages of World War I, the Browning Automatic Rifle was revolutionary as it gave heavy hitting automatic fire in a more lightweight and portable gun.

The B.A.R. was to see wide use by government agents to counter gangsters in the 1920s and 30s, and would perform admirably for G.I.s in World War II. Have a look at this short history of this iconic American gun.

Prior to this, an automatic weapon typically had to be set on a heavy tripod, were often water-cooled, and could not be easily maneuvered by one infantryman.

That is one famous American weapon and innovative design from John Browning that allowed for easy portability and a heavy hitting firepower.

This gun allowed just one solider or law enforcement agent to bring superior firepower to bear and help his buddies overcome the bad guys.

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The Interesting History of the Browning Automatic Rifle