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Interested in a Gently Used AK with Custom Furniture?

Interested In A Gently Used AK With Custom Furniture?

This custom AK was recently confiscated from a poacher somewhere in Africa.

Photos of this gently used AK have been circulating the internet for the past few days after John Wayne Taylor posted it on his Instagram account (@jonwaynetaylor) with a caption stating:

The CEO of Underground Tactical sent me this pic of an AK47 he pulled off some poachers in Africa. It still worked. Impressive.

As you can see, the previous owner replaced the stock, pistol grip, and forearm with some customized wood furniture held in place by string and baling wire. The photo quality isn’t good enough to tell for sure, but the pistol grip appears to be fastened directly to the trigger with a piece of wire as well.

In addition to having a slightly bent barrel, this custom AK has an after-market sling that looks like it’s made of a piece of old canvas. That is to say nothing of the mild pitting present on all the metal pieces of the rifle or the completely missing dust cover.

All that being said, this custom AK apparently still worked.

Interested In A Gently Used AK With Custom Furniture

No word on exactly where in Africa this photo was taken or what exactly happened to the previous owner. However, there are millions of AKs liberally distributed throughout the African continent that were used in the various wars and revolutions that have occurred there over the last few decades.

Many of these rifles are now in the hands of poachers and other criminals, so, there are numerous places where this photograph could have conceivably been taken. However, my best guess is that this particular AK was photographed in Mozambique. That being said, I’m sure there are thousands of others floating around Africa that look very similar to this one.

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Interested in a Gently Used AK with Custom Furniture?