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Interactive CSS Designs Teach Users About 30 Endangered Species [PICS]

Bryan James created an interactive website that artfully teaches users about endangered species. 

Bryan James’ website, Species in Pieces, highlights 30 endangered species around the world. As you hover and click on each CSS digital animal, you receive a multitude of facts such as the threats to their species, how many are left in their population, and habitat loss. You can also watch a video on the species.

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As you click through the species, to the background of calming spa music, James conveys a teaching method that is interactive, visually appealing, and provocative. He is bringing attention to endangered animals without being overly didactic; the result is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.01.13 PM

The animals are created with triangles that are then manipulated to create another animal. This project began when James, a U.K. web designer, took a single line of code that he began experimenting different variations with, hence the 30 species title. The 30 species were built with 30 pieces.

His work is not just a CSS hobby. He wants people to feel connected with this project while learning about the severe decline and threats to these endangered species.

I believe firmly that if you have no mental pre-connection or knowledge with a species, then why would you ‘feel’ mentally if you heard that it became extinct? I believe that by bringing lesser-known species into the limelight, we can create these relationships and thus hopefully raise the topic so more care and effort is taken to save them.

Though this project is not directly aligned with any specific charity, James gives resources like WWF or the Rainforest Trust as places people can donate to research.

Go check out 30 Species in 30 Pieces and try not to get lost.

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Interactive CSS Designs Teach Users About 30 Endangered Species [PICS]