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An Interactive African Safari for Endangered Animals [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Endangered Safari

Not all of us have the time or money to go on an African safari, but with a new interactive webpage, we can still learn all there is to known about the wildlife we might spot from an open-top Jeep on the wild Serengeti.

Armchair tourists are just a few clicks away from learning about every significant creature living in Africa with The Endangered Safari, a project offering an interactive view of all of the continent’s large mammals.

By hovering over an animal’s silhouette, visitors to the site can see the species’ size, population, and range, among other facts. It’s a comprehensive and visually appealing alternative to scouring Google results or leafing through a book.

The information is interesting, but also sobering, for as the name suggests, most of the animals featured are endangered or threatened. Animals in the most urgent predicament, such as the black rhinoceros or the western gorilla, stand out in a stark bright red color.


The site’s creator, RJ Andrews, said he was inspired by an old field guide from a Kenyan library, and by the popular ZooBooks magazines he read as a kid. In tackling the Endangered Safari project, Andrews said he wanted to offer an informative but engaging way to learn about wildlife.

After moving to Kenya, Andrews found himself stunned by the local animal life, but saddened by their depleting numbers as a result of poaching and habitat loss.

The project aims to bring the same experience as Andrews had on his safari to a worldwide audience. Visitors to the Endangered Safari can get a look into the background of each animal, all without plunking down a fortune on airfare or risking so much as a mosquito bite.

Sure, it doesn’t beat the real world experience of a trip to a Kenyan wildlife reserve, but with enough time spent on the site, your knowledge may soon rival that of a safari guide who’s spent years in the bush.

Go check the interactive infographic out.

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An Interactive African Safari for Endangered Animals [INFOGRAPHIC]