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Marvel at This Intense Wild Boar Fight in New Zealand [VIDEO]

Intense Wild Boar Fight In New Zealand

Check out this incredible and intense wild boar fight witnessed up close and caught on camera by a hunter in New Zealand.

A hunter recently ran across this intense wild boar fight between two really big hogs and managed to get it on video. I don’t know about you, but I would have been really happy to put either one of those hogs on my wall.

Look closely and you’ll see that both boars are cut up and bleeding. Those hogs are playing for keeps and those big tusks aren’t just for show.

Wild hogs are present and may be hunted on every continent in the world except for Antarctica, and New Zealand has some great wild boar hunting.

Have any of you witnessed a wild boar fight up close like this guy?

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Marvel at This Intense Wild Boar Fight in New Zealand [VIDEO]