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Intense & Violent Video of Wolf Pack Killing Coyote [VIDEO]

In this incredible yet violent video taken near Yellowstone National Park, a wolf pack kills a coyote for trying to eat one of their winter kills.

Wolves do not react well to coyotes trying to steal their food, as the coyote in the video demonstrates. This video gives new meaning to the term “dog eat dog world.”

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.

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Though a coyote is a formidable predator in its own right, this video shows that a single coyote has no chance against a wolf, much less a whole wolf pack.

It just wasn’t that coyote’s day: even the eagle eating at the carcass took a shot at him before the wolf pack did. The wolves made very short work of him and nearly got his mate.

As coyotes living in wolf country have learned over the past few decades, life in the wild is tough and even predators lose fights from time to time.

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Intense & Violent Video of Wolf Pack Killing Coyote [VIDEO]