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Intense Mountain Lion Release from Live Trap [VIDEO]

mountain lion release

This mountain lion release will have you on the edge of your seat!

After accidentally catching a mountain lion in a live trap, the trapper in this video releases the big cat by hand. The trapper has the live trap set for his son who enjoys seeing the animals they catch and then release. The trap typically catches fox, but on this occasion a mountain lion took the bait.

Catching a mountain lion meant that the trapper had to perform a mountain lion release.


It is hard to make out exactly what the trapper is doing, but he seems to be propping open the latches on the cage with sticks. The mountain lion does not look happy about his proximity to the trap and lets him know it with some snarls, hisses and lunges. After finally getting the cage door ready to open, the trapper props open the door and cautiously retreats. Once the cat realizes it can leave, it quickly trots off into the woods.

This mountain lion release went off without a hitch but they are dangerous animals, especially when cornered. The trapper in this video moved slowly and stayed calm which both contributed to the successful release.

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Intense Mountain Lion Release from Live Trap [VIDEO]