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Intense Hippo Charge in Tanzania Nearly Turns Deadly [VIDEO]

Intense Hippo Charge Nearly Turns Deadly In tanzania

Hippo can be very dangerous animals and are capable of moving much faster than you would think. Watch how fast this hippo charge happens in Tanzania.

Though hippo appear to be just large and clumsy animals, they are anything but. This intense and hippo charge in Tanzania is another good reminder of just how dangerous these animals can be under certain circumstances.

Watch what happens when this hippo takes offense to these hunters entering her territory.

Fortunately for the hunters, Ivan Carter was appropriately armed and shot straight. As a result, everyone but the hippo walked away from the encounter.

Since they were reacting to a charge situation, the hunters were allowed to protect themselves and shoot the hippo, even though they did not have a tag for that particular hippo.

Just a word to the wise: be very careful and on guard when in hippo country, because things can go wrong in a hurry.

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Intense Hippo Charge in Tanzania Nearly Turns Deadly [VIDEO]