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Intense Debris Flow in Mount Rainier National Park [VIDEO]

Mount Rainier

You won’t believe the volume of debris flowing down a mountainside in this video from Mount Rainier National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park is a beautiful place to hike in the summer. Just don’t believe that you are completely safe from falling debris while enjoying scenery. There might not be any snow on the mountain at this time of the year, but this recent debris flow didn’t need any to create an avalanche of sorts.

Glacial flooding caused by the hot and dry summer conditions in the region led to the floodwater gathering massive amounts of debris and sweeping it down the mountainside. The hikers who captured the video thought the sound of the debris flow was a train at first!

Always keep your safety in mind in a situation like this first. A cool video isn’t worth risking your life or injury, so always head to higher ground in the event of a debris flow.

And if you hear what sounds like a train in the middle of your hike, do the same!

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Intense Debris Flow in Mount Rainier National Park [VIDEO]