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Instructor Zero Demonstrates the Fastest Pump Shotgun Drill

instructor zero
Team Zero Official Channel

Seriously, it’s not semi-automatic… it’s a pump shotgun!

Whether it’s a scatter gun for your protection or a favorite turkey gun, using a pump shotgun like this will make your second shot just as deadly as your first.

Watch Instructor Zero show us how it’s done.

Cue the drooling. Wow.

One of the most customizable pump shotguns for home defense use or hunting, by far, is the Mossberg 500 pump. From hunting barrels and stocks to picatinny rails and glass-breaking muzzle breaks for tactical operations, this shotgun can be aggressively configured to be whatever you need it to be, in the woods or at home.

mossberg 500, mossberg, instructor zero, pump shotgun

For the hunter, the 500 pump comes in a variety of models that can suit bird or deer hunting. Though it’s often thought of as a great entry-level gun for for hunting, this shotgun has proven its durability season after season for deer hunters throughout the country. When configured with a cantilever barrel, shotgun scope and some slugs, this shotgun could easily take down your next wall-hanger. Check out the 500 family here.


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Instructor Zero Demonstrates the Fastest Pump Shotgun Drill