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An Instant Kill Shot Anchors This Big Bull Moose

After eight days of hunting, this hunter's dreams of a big bull moose came true with an instant kill shot.

After seeing a bunch of sub-legal bulls, the hunter and his guide were finally able to get within 250 yards of this whopper of a bull. An instant kill shot brought the hunt to a close in a hurry.

Watch the video to see this big boy go down.

Many hunters dream of harvesting a big moose like the one in the video, but few of them ever get the chance. If killing a big bull moose is on your bucket list, quit dreaming and start saving. Although moose tags are hard to come by in the continental U.S., they are available in Alaska.

Another option is Canada; outfitters have guaranteed tags available just north of the border, and success rates are very high.

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An Instant Kill Shot Anchors This Big Bull Moose