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How to Install Boat Splash Guards [VIDEO]

Splash guards are a huge advantage for back trolling or reverse boat control for tiller boats. Here's how to install them.

Back trolling is a tried and true fish catching technique made famous by walleye anglers in the Midwest. It's a technique that offers excellent boat control when fishing underwater contours and maintaining depth stability for your lure. It also offers you the chance to get soaking wet if you're the person at the back of the boat running the motor.

Splash guards, also known as wave wackers, are the answer to that problem.

Here's a quick and pretty straight-forward walk-through on how to install splash guards on a tiller fishing boat from Paul Castellano and Aaron Wiebe at Uncut Angling.

Pro walleye anglers would not even consider back trolling without splash guards. Pros like Steve Fellegy (3 Time PWT Winner & 2-time Champion) and Pete Harsh (2008 FLW Walleye Tour Angler Of The Year) swear by them.

Harsh says; "Perfect boat control means having the best equipment to get the job done."

Harsh cites wave deflection, sealing off waves, stopping over spray, quiet operation, or ease of trailering as the advantages of quality splash guards.

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How to Install Boat Splash Guards [VIDEO]