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Inspring Turkey Hunt By Wounded Soldiers in Kentucky [VIDEO]

wounded Soldiers

Watch this inspiring video of several wounded soldiers continuing their healing while on a Kentucky turkey hunt.

Several wounded soldiers overcome their physical limitations to hunt turkey in Kentucky in this awesome video.

This video by KYAfield shows that life is precious and that we often don’t appreciate how good our lives are until we lose part of it.

More intense hunting videos:

This video is an excellent demonstration of some of the alternative methods used to help wounded soldiers recover from their injuries. Healing in a hospital is an important part of the process, but getting outside and participating in activities such as hunting and fishing is an underrated way to help them heal mentally and spiritually.

Like they say in the video, shooting a turkey or catching a fish is just icing on the cake. Getting out of the hospital and taking part in activities that make them feel like normal human beings again is the most important thing for these wounded soldiers.

Big props to all of the organizations out there that donate their time and resources to helping these guys recover!

What other outdoor activities have you seen wounded soldiers use to help aid their recovery? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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Inspring Turkey Hunt By Wounded Soldiers in Kentucky [VIDEO]