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This is the First Truly Inspiring Outdoors Short Film We’ve Seen in a While

Rockhouse Motion

Rockhouse Motion has made a wonderfully complete and inspiring two-and-a-half minute film. If you’re into the outdoors, this will knock your socks off.

This is a two-and-a-half minute video that is as full and rewarding as you can get. Rockhouse Motion films hit this one out of the park, if we’re talking beautiful imagery and an inspiring message.

It covers almost every area of the great outdoors, from various hunting to fishing pursuits like duck, deer, turkey and elk hunting, to fly fishing, bass and trout, and a whole lot more. It’s land, water and sky, and it’s all fantastic.

It’s “just” a promo film. They call it an ‘outdoor reel’. But this little thank you to the wild and to the people who have supported Rockhouse Motion as a nature/outdoor sports company, is really an outstanding effort. It conveys a lot of emotion. The narrator speaks minimally but profoundly.

I think their text attached to the video is worth sharing here as well:

We, the fortunate ones, have learned to enjoy it.

The world, as we see it, is different. It is vast, mysterious, and enticing. It is our home, and we are thankful for it. Both a playground and a dinner table, a gym and a classroom, the wild lands that we enjoy so much give us more than we could ever offer thanks for.

At Rockhouse, the outdoors is also our office, and this is some of the very best work we have done there. This film is our way of saying thanks.

Thanks to the mountains, the water, the trees, the birds and the beasts and our friends, and our family, and you. Thanks to you for making our dream a reality, our sincerest hope is that this gets you out the door so you have your own memories, stories, and images to share with us.

Now is the time to GO!

It’s just two or three minutes of film, but I was so impressed with the cinematography, and with the love that went into this project. I hope you are too.

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This is the First Truly Inspiring Outdoors Short Film We’ve Seen in a While