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11 Inspiring Outdoor Professionals to Follow on Instagram

Following these outdoor professionals on Instagram will inspire you to fish, hunt, and explore nature more.

Instagram is a great picture-sharing application for all industries, especially the outdoor industry. Those with popular brands or unique personalities have attracted thousands of followers. Why? They have great content, properly engage their followers, and represent the outdoor industry well.

In no particular order, these are some great outdoor professionals to follow on Instagram to get some inspiration for your own outdoor pursuits:

1. Eva Shockey-Brent

Handle: @EvaShockey

Followers: 225,000

Reason to Follow: Eva Shockey is one of the most popular outdoor professionals out there. The daughter of legendary Canadian hunter Jim Shockey, Eva is charting the course for more females and young people in hunting. Most notably, she is the second woman to grace the cover of Field and Stream and is a Cabela's pro staff member.

2. Remi Warren

Handle: @RemiWarren

Followers: 20,100

Reason to Follow: Remi Warren has one of the most unique Instagram accounts out there. From his beautiful scenic pictures to his exotic hunts, Remi is a definite must-follow. He is the host of the new TV show, "Apex Predator".

3. Theresa Vail

Handle: @Theresa_Vail

Followers: 15,200

Reason to Follow: Theresa Vail is the ultimate outdoors girl. Theresa rose to prominence as Miss Kansas 2013 and was selected "America's Choice" during that same competition. She is a Bass Pro Shops pro staff member and the host of Limitless with Theresa Vail on the Outdoor Channel. She recently appeared in Tyler Farr's music video "Better in Boots" as the female lead.

4. Peter Miller

Handle:  @PeterMillerFish

Followers: 22,500

Reason to Follow:  If you like extreme fishing, professional angler Peter Miller is a great person to a follow. He is a member of Team Salt Life and is the host of Bass 2 Billfish on NBC Sports.

5. Debbie Hanson 

Handle: @SheFishes2

Followers: 2,700

Reason to Follow: Debbie is a great angler. Not only does her feed showcase beautiful fish and gorgeous Florida scenery, she's very approachable and likes to mentor other anglers. Check out her blog SheFishes2!

6. Kendall Jones 

Handle: @the_kendalljones

Followers: 90,000

Reason to Follow: Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones has one of the most popular Instagram feeds out there. She isn't afraid of her detractors and is a good role model for young girls. Learn more about her efforts here.

7. Andrea Haas 

Handle: @andi_haas_

Followers: 4,000

Reason to Follow: Andrea is one of the co-founders of Huntress View, a website operated by female hunters and shooters from across the U.S. Their goal is to inspire encourage female participation in the outdoor industry. Andrea's Instagram account gives a great glimpse into the life of a huntress. Definitely give her a follow!

8. Chris Flint

Handle: @ChrisFlintFishing

Followers: 2,100

Reason to Follow: Professional bass angler Chris Flint is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Not only do his fishing pictures impress, he showcases his adorable German Shorthaired Pointers from time to time.

9. Jake Latendresse 

Handle: @jake_lantendresse

Followers: 8,700

Reason to Follow: Jake Latendresse is a professional outdoor filmmaker. I found his account several months ago at the suggestion of someone and have been following his hunting excursions ever since. Check out his film work here.

10. Captain Jimmy Nelson

Handle: @captjimmynelson

Followers: 77, 300

Reason to Follow: Captain Jimmy Nelson is the host of Extreme Fishing Adventures, a TV show that airs on Sportsman Channel and Fox Sports. His trophy fishing catches in tropical locations are awe-inspiring. His account will make one wish they fished for a living.

11. Julie Golob

Handle: @juliegolob

Followers: 11,900

Reason to Follow: Julie Golob is a professional marksman and national/world shooting champion. She is affiliated with Smith & Wesson. Julie regularly posts photos of her participation in shooting competitions, of her farm, and of her delicious cooking.

Make sure to follow these Instagram accounts if you don't already. Who knows? They may reciprocate with a follow-back!

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11 Inspiring Outdoor Professionals to Follow on Instagram