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Inside a Florida Alligator Nest [VIDEO]

Florida Alligator Nest

Take a trip inside a Florida alligator nest; an experience that most people will never get in person but this video makes you feel like you are there.

Most people will never experience the thrill of investigating the inside of a Florida alligator nest. And, for the majority of those people, that is a fact that they are okay with.

But, for those who are interested, but unable to actually make the venture out into the swamp, can check out a Florida alligator nest first-hand; Mark Berry shows us what one looks like.

This look into a Florida alligator nest in the Everglades National Park shows us just what this ecosystem means to the alligators, as well as all of the other animals in the everglades. The importance of these animals and nests alone is reason enough for us to stay away and let nature take its course.

The conservation effortas well as the fact that you don’t want to run across a mama alligator who happens to be near or in the nest, is why we should just stay out of the alligator nests and leave it to the experts to share their experiences with us.

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Inside a Florida Alligator Nest [VIDEO]