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Insanely Cool Time-Lapse of a Spider Crab Molting [VIDEO]

The natural beauty of a spider crab molting out of its exo-skeleton is captured in amazing time-lapse photography.

As an arthropod that owns the longest legs in the world of the marine crab, spider crabs need a lot of room to live.

Here’s a ridiculously cool look at one of these monsters-of-the-deep shedding its shell and revealing its softer side.

The Japanese spider crab lives and breeds in the deep, cold waters off of Japan.

Found mostly off the southern coast of the Home Islands, they prefer to dwell in holes and vents in the deeper parts of the ocean. This look at a spider crab molting was actually taken in the controlled environment of an aquarium.

Only occasionally collected as a food source, it is still considered a delicacy in parts of Japan. It is now protected as populations have diminished.



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Insanely Cool Time-Lapse of a Spider Crab Molting [VIDEO]