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Watch This Insanely Close Public Land Whitetail Encounter

Watch as these two go after multiple mature whitetails on public ground.

Spot and stalk whitetail hunting can be a rush like no other type of hunting.

Action packed and adrenaline rush filled, these two gentleman compile one of the the coolest spot and stalk compilation videos you will ever see. This tactic seems to pay off for them as they are able to harvest multiple deer and all on public ground.

The beginning of the clip is enough to get you fired up for deer season in itself. With a cardboard cut out decoy in hand, the hunter decides to charge right at the buck. Ready to fight, the whitetail begins to approach the decoy and he is ready to square off.

Hair up and ears back, the buck closes in to what looks like 5 yards. We can't imagine what it must have felt like to be on the end of that stick and string. Those are the moments we live for as hunters.

They most definitely got the deer close, but was he able to finish the job? From the look of this video, these could be some of the most compelling bow hunts ever filmed.

The aggressive approach and spot and stalk tactics bring us a perspective that we don't usually see on outdoor television. Oh, and it is all public land!

I don't know about you, but it makes me want to give the decoy charge a try! Just make sure you take the shot before he gets to close and you end up in a hospital from an antler puncture.

Is it bow season yet?


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Watch This Insanely Close Public Land Whitetail Encounter