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Insane Video Shows Russian Helicopter Firing on Spectators During Training Exercise

In Soviet Russia, Air Show Comes To You Insane Video Shows Russian Helicopter Firing On Spectators During Training Exercise

In Soviet Russia, air show comes to you? Things got a little sporty during the Zapad military exercise last week when a Russian helicopter accidentally opened fire on spectators viewing the event.

A person watching the Zapad 2017 exercise from a designated viewing area near a live fire range outside Saint Petersburg captured this incredible video of a Russian helicopter firing rockets into the parking lot.

Check out the video to see this ridiculous mishap firsthand. Those rockets hit just feet away from the person videoing the event.

According to reports, the rockets fired from that wayward Russian helicopter (a Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter) seriously injured two bystanders (presumably the person filming and the man visible on the left in the video) and damaged a number of vehicles in the parking lot.

I have no idea how those rockets hit without killing anybody. The only thing I can think of is that communications van took the brunt of the explosion. 

The Russian military (which initially denied the event even happened) is now claiming a short circuit in the helicopter caused the rockets to launch unintentionally. While that’s certainly possible, I’m not quite so sure: it really looked like that helicopter was aiming right at the van and drilled it with those rockets.

I personally believe this is either one heck of a negligent discharge or the pilot of that helicopter got a little confused with the boundaries of the range and accidentally fired his rockets outside of the impact area.

Either way, everyone in the area was incredibly lucky that things didn’t turn out worse than they did.

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Insane Video Shows Russian Helicopter Firing on Spectators During Training Exercise