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Insane Trick Shot Skills with a Bow

Shooting bows is a blast, but it wouldn’t be with this guy because he is probably way better than you could ever dream of being.

There is a sense of pride when it comes to bowhunters like nothing else in the outdoor world. It takes great patience, focus, and hard work to year in and year out be successful in the field with a bow. Nothing but a stick and string, shooting with a bow provides many challenges. But this guy brings shooting a bow to a whole new level.

Shooting clay pigeons can be hard enough, but have you ever attempted to hit one with a bow and arrow? This young man from Kansas has perfected his skills and has some of the best accuracy with a bow you will ever see.

Heath Getty loves shooting stuff and loves a new challenge. From clay pigeons, to tennis balls, and to quarters you can see Heath’s amazing talent in this video.

Grab a bow and some arrows and head out to the range with friends. I would say have fun but I think it would only lead to frustration and a new found respect for Mr. Getty. We just feel sorry for any deer in his area because they don’t stand a chance.


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Insane Trick Shot Skills with a Bow