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The Most INSANE Topwater Strike You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

The best topwater strike by a largemouth bass has absolutely nothing on this strike from South America.

As an avid topwater bass angler, I’ve seen my fair share of vicious explosions on my lures. However, every single one of them pales in comparison to the topwater strike in this video. This topwater strike has it all…tension, the wake of the charging fish and a splashing sound that would put a depth charge to shame. The only question is what species of fish delivered this insane topwater strike.

The angler in the video is using a simple spinning combo and is flipping a large topwater lure towards the lurking predator. On the second flip, the fish suddenly turns around and delivers an insane topwater strike that beats anything I’ve seen before. Both in my own experiences and on video.

The setting of the video only adds to the excitement. The angler seems to be fishing a small creek in a rainforest. The exotic birds chirping and water dripping on the leaves makes this topwater strike video just that much better.

Now let’s see if we can identify the fish. If you look closely in the top right corner of the video, you can make out the silhouette of the fish, but everything happens so fast. That makes it very difficult to positively identify. My best guess is that it is a wolf fish. If you are a fan of the show “River Monsters,” then you may have seen a wolf fish before. If you have, you know just what an aggressive fish they are.

Unfortunately, the video ends without us knowing if the angler landed the fish or not. As a fellow fisherman, I really hope that he did. Losing a fish after that much excitement is never fun at all.

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The Most INSANE Topwater Strike You Will Ever See [VIDEO]