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Insane Shark Catch and Release From a Surfboard [VIDEO]

Shark fishing from a surfboard? Are you insane?!

The Ultimate Fishing Show‘s Matt Watson is really pushing his luck with this stunt.

After hooking a bronze whaler shark from shore, Watson takes the pole and hops onto a surfboard or stand up paddleboard. He’s towed by the fighting shark, and I have to admit it looks pretty cool.

The angry shark then gets close to the board and begins to circle. A cameraman is in the water behind Watson, filming the action.

The shark swims just a couple of feet below both the diver and Watson’s dangling feet, and the camera man asks, “Is it bad that he’s circling us?” Watson replies, “Well, it’s probably not a good thing.”

He pulls the toothy beast closer, so he can tag it. The whaler shark chomps on the hook and thrashes, nearly knocking Watson from the board.

It gets pretty hairy at this point, with the irritated shark right at Watson’s lower leg.

With a few curses and close calls, Watson is finally able to cut the line at the shark’s mouth. He appears quite relieved the contest has ended.

No doubt it was a great adrenaline rush, but I’m not sure even the madman Matt Watson would be eager to try this stunt again.

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Insane Shark Catch and Release From a Surfboard [VIDEO]