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Insane Poster Shows Every Freshwater Fish in North America

poster shows every freshwater fish

Have you ever wondered how many types of fish there are in the lakes and rivers of North America? Now you can hang them all on your wall!

There are 900 species of fish in North America, more than any angler will ever be able to see in a lifetime… but wouldn’t it be great if you could?

Thanks to this amazing poster, you can see them every day.The printing company Pop Chart Lab compiled this extensive list of fish and crammed them all onto one poster. It literally includes every fish, from the smallest minnows to the massive white sturgeon. They even broke them all down into organized groups like Sculpins, Sawfish, and Salmonids.

You can click on the image to open it in a new tab and zoom in.


The craziest part about this large 39″x 27″ poster is that every fish is shown to scale. You can just look up and see the size differences between the fish you plan to target when planning trips or making your dream catch list.

This is a must-have for any fishing fanatic. With the holidays quickly approaching, it would also make a fantastic gift that any angler would be happy to receive. I’m planning on ordering one for the wall of my office.

While they’re not available yet, Pop Chart Lab is currently accepting pre-orders for $38.00. Orders will begin shipping on September 6, 2016.

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Insane Poster Shows Every Freshwater Fish in North America