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Insane Hiking Trail Ridden on a Motorcycle [VIDEO]

Some guy on a motorcycle rode this insane hiking trail like it was a walk in the park.

There’s pushing it, and then there’s pushing it. I want to be entertained, but I don’t want to see somebody hurt themselves doing it.

After watching this, you may want to look down to see if your feet are still touching the floor.


I question everything, but if this video wasn’t made with the help of photoshop, then it’s a good one.

You can’t see snow coming off of the tires, but then there are the fenders. The bike seems to be following the contour of the land. He has to accelerate up the grades, being one with the way the trail undulates.

I hope he had studs in those tires.

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Insane Hiking Trail Ridden on a Motorcycle [VIDEO]