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Insane Footage of Snapping Turtle Attacking Northern Pike [VIDEO]

snapping turtle

A tenacious snapping turtle chomps on northern pike – as it’s reeled in!

The unexpected occurred when two fishermen reeled in a northern pike. The line felt a little heavy, and much to their surprise, a snapping turtle was attached to the pike.

This footage captures the aggressive nature of a snapping turtle.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

I found it shocking the snapping turtle never let go of the pike. Most of us assume the snapper would eventually just admit he lost the battle over the fish and release it from his mouth, but not this turtle.

This fishermen could have had turtle soup and fish fillets all in one cast, but they released it and kept the fish. The turtle was the real winner just for its persistence.

Snapping turtles can take down some serious prey. We’ve seen videos of snapping turtles eating birds and even porcupines.

If you thought turtles were lethargic and lazy, these videos will certainly change your mind!

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Insane Footage of Snapping Turtle Attacking Northern Pike [VIDEO]