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Insane F-35 Gatling Gun Test Firing Footage [VIDEO]

This test of the F-35 fighter’s gatling gun, with a rotary cannon and feeding system, is not to be missed.

There’s almost nothing that can match the firepower of this F-35 gatling gun.

Check out a quick video of a test firing exercise.

As you just witnessed, the F-35 gatling gun is super powerful. Did you see how the entire structure began to shake once the test firing began?

This gatling gun can fire 3,300 rounds per minute. Imagine the damage this gun could do in the field and be glad you will probably never have to face one.

The F-35, undergoing a years-long design and testing process, is the Pentagon’s newest stealth fighter jet.

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Insane F-35 Gatling Gun Test Firing Footage [VIDEO]