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Insane Dolphin Fishing in Miami [VIDEO]

Watch this crew hit Miami waters for dolphin fish, tuna, and snappers. 

There’s nothing like going dolphin (mahi mahi) fishing in Miami, especially if you’ve got a big boat and a helpful crew.

Check out these highlights from a dolphin fishing trip into the beautiful and bountiful Miami waters.

Altogether this crew caught over 100 fish on this dolphin fishing excision. They reeled amberjacks, mutton snapper, dolphin, skipjack tunas, and blackfin tuna.

If you’re desiring a dolphin fishing trip in Florida, consider taking a guided tour with a large boat like the one in this video. It’s sure to be a blast as you’ll be surrounded by high-tech equipment and skillful angeles.

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Insane Dolphin Fishing in Miami [VIDEO]