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Most Insane Deer Killshot: Camera Captures Arrow Exit [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome POV whitetail hunt captured from an interesting angle.

Drury Outdoors is known for offering creative filming for the outdoor industry, but this video is especially cool.

According to Taylor Dury, "this is the craziest doe harvest ever caught on film." Take a look at this hunting video from a different perspective.

The hunt took place early season while overlooking a winter bulb and sugar beet food plot. With a a little luck was on their side, they were able to film an unbelievable view of a archery hunt.

Don't we all love it when a plan comes together? The arrow nearly hit the camera as fur went flying.

I wonder what will be the next big "first?" How about the first archery kill with a drone view from above? Who know's, but it's an exciting time to be a viewer of hunting videos. With great equipment available to more outdoorsman, more video will be at viewers disposal.

The shot placement on this doe was also as great as it get's. Make sure to be tuning bows and practicing at the range to make an awesome shot for an easy recovery this fall. Good luck!

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Most Insane Deer Killshot: Camera Captures Arrow Exit [VIDEO]