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Insane Cicada Invasion is Straight out of a Horror Movie

Richelle Smart

Thousands of cicadas have swarmed a home in Ohio. For the Smart family, this is the stuff of nightmares.

The Smart family homestead in Mansfield, Ohio, has recently had tens of thousands of unwelcome guests show up. Each has a hard shell, two beady red eyes, and are approximately 1.5 inches long. They are cicadas - and they are straight out of a horror movie.

The harmless, but creepy insects, have taken over the patio, fence, trees and lawn. In fact, by June 6 Richelle Smart gave up on mowing her front yard. In a Facebook post from that day, she wrote: "I officially give up on mowing my yard... these things want to jump on me and it is simply just not OK. Plus not to mention the crunch every time I step in my yard."



And here is Smart's son Dillon, attempting to sweep up the copious amounts of bugs from the front porch. This clip has now gone viral.

It may be hard to believe, but these cicadas were born 17 years ago. They spent the last decade and a half underground, emerging this May as part of their 17-year life cycle. Once free from the soil, the insects mate then die a month later.

Bet your skin is crawling right now! This is definitely straight out of a horror movie - and one that I'm glad I'm not starring in.


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Insane Cicada Invasion is Straight out of a Horror Movie