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This is an Insane Barracuda Strike on Topwater


Barracuda are the underwater wolves of the sea. Watch this insane action as these ‘cuda strike topwater like they’re possessed.

Eric Chesser from Hush is going out again with Josh Jorgensen of BlacktipH. Last time they tackled goliath grouper and an assortment of other finny sea dwellers. This time they target barracuda, and man, what some action.

The barracuda are voracious. Slamming baitfish on top of – and above! – the water.

That one ‘cuda came completely out of the water! It must have gone three yards horizontally!

Screaming drag is the order of the day. They lose a couple but the outing is a definite winner, as Josh boats one barracuda that probably went 25 pounds.

It’s amazing how fast the fish can swim and cover water. Once they had a monster barracuda come up from right under the boat to slam into the baitfish. The fish are all teeth and speed. They are fearsome and fight furiously.

No wonder they are much sought after by anglers.

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This is an Insane Barracuda Strike on Topwater