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The Insane Aftermath of a Man Losing His Leg to a Crocodile


The crowd runs in horror after witnessing a man losing his leg to a crocodile.

While most of people like to think we are the top apex predators in the world, that is simply not the truth. When Mother Nature levels the playing field and it’s you against a bear, crocodile, or other top predator, we will almost always fall short.

This video shows raw footage of the horrific moment and aftermath of when a man’s leg is snatched by a crocodile. Watch as a small group tries to save the man from being dragged farther into a river before his leg is ripped off.

Warning: this video features very graphic footage of a man losing his leg.

I cannot imagine the amount of pain and fear that man was in before and after losing his leg. Especially since it was probably snapped and pulled off from the infamous “death roll” crocs and gators are known for.

Even though they blurred out the stint of the damages done by the crocodile, you know it was not a pretty site from the way those who witnessed it ran away in terror. Toward the end, you even see one person faint after seeing the missing limb.

I can only hope that those who pulled him from that river got him to a hospital fast enough to at least save his life.

Moments like these are a great reminder on why more people should take at least basic first aid courses, and if possible advanced courses. That knowledge could help yourself or someone else stay alive until emergency personnel can take over.



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The Insane Aftermath of a Man Losing His Leg to a Crocodile