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Innovative S.O. Tech Gorilla Range Bag System Gets You Set up Quick

SO Tech Gorilla Range Bag

Range time is critical. Every minute counts if you want to maximize your live fire practice.

The S.O. Tech range bag has some added features that can definitely keep your kit ready and prepared for a fast trip to the range. I know it's hard for me to keep my kit together because you need different tools for different weapons. One rifle might need a set of Allen keys, while another might need a flathead/Philips combo.

It's also hard to determine which ammo you want to store in the kit. Are you training pistol that day or rifle? Either way, it's a lot of gear and as you develop your skills and purchase more weapons you will quickly see that the accessory box tends to over flow.


The S.O. Tech Gorilla Bag helps you figure out that mess by incorporating oversized pouches so that you can add your ammunition in its original packaging. Secondly the S.O. Tech bag allows you to add two pistols in two separate bags so that you can keep each platform separate and organized.

Lastly, a solid feature is the ability to quickly switch the bag to the front position so that you can quickly access on concealed pistol in the designated concealed pouch. This makes sure that you can still stay armed even if your going to the range and all your other carry weapons are stowed away. Keep training and stay organized.


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Innovative S.O. Tech Gorilla Range Bag System Gets You Set up Quick