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Injured Deer Wanders into North Carolina Hospital [VIDEO]

An injured deer made its way to the only natural place to go: the hospital.

Apparently, deer are a little smarter than we give them credit for.

After crossing a road and leaping over bushes into a car windshield, a young male deer bounded into the Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast in Concord, reports news station WSOC.

The deer presumably crossed a road from a wooded area and leapt into an employee’s car windshield, injuring the protective coating on its antlers.

WSOCTV9’s channel on YouTube posted the security footage, as the deer made its way through a loading dock into the hospital hallway, headed towards the kitchen.

Animal control officers arrived after hospital employees cornered the deer in a utility closet. The deer was tranquilized and taken several miles away for release.

The officers said the deer was in relatively good condition, and walked into the woods after the tranquilizer wore off.

We’ve seen deer get hit by cyclists, leap over cars, and get stuck in fences recently, but wandering into a hospital after an injury is a first for us.


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Injured Deer Wanders into North Carolina Hospital [VIDEO]