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This Infographic Shows the History of the AR-15

History of the AR-15

Almost everyone has heard of the it, but this infographic will show you the history of the AR-15 in a quick, easy-to-read format. 

The AR-15 and M16 have been around in some form or fashion since Eugene Stoner first came up with the idea in 1954. The weapon continued to advance and be tested until 1964 when it was decided that it had reached the point where it was ready to be issued to all military members.

If you’ve ever shot one of these amazing weapons you’ll love to read more about each development along the way. Cabela’s has done a great job of compiling the data and it’s something you’ll want to share with all your shooting buddies.


The AR-15 has an interesting history, beginning with Eugene Stoner. A truly versatile gun option that can be upgraded to the highest tactical outfitting, the modern sporting rifle is a great gun.

From new shooters to seasoned vets, the rifle itself does hold a larger myth behind it, as shown by its history, and really does make one feel as if they’re holding a piece of history.

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This Infographic Shows the History of the AR-15