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The Indonesian Government is Serious About Illegal Fishing


Don't get caught illegally fishing in Indonesia, the government will blow up your boat. 

For the last few months the Indonesian government has been blowing up Vietnamese boats caught illegally fishing in its waters.

The aggressive actions have drawn concerns from environmentalists who feel the potential oil leaks and damage to marine life is not warranted.

Joko Widodo's government invited the media to watch the illegal fishing boats get blown up which were caught fishing in its territorial waters.

In December, the Wall Street Journal reported, "Camera crews filmed the boats going under in clouds of black smoke, against the backdrop of picturesque islands."

Greenpeace campaigner Arifsyah Nasution, told reporters;

The use of explosives to sink the boat disturbs and threatens the fish near the location of the explosion--in a way, it has the same effect as using dynamite to catch fish.

Despite this kind of resistance, the Indonesian government has continued to explosively express its stance on illegal fishing in its waters, and these actions are getting results. Susi, the Indonesian maritime minister, claimed in January that the sinking of these ships led to a 90 percent decrease in illegal fishing operations in Indonesian waters.

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The Indonesian Government is Serious About Illegal Fishing