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Indiana Woman’s Gun Sends Would-Be Muggers Fleeing [VIDEO]

A mugging in Indiana didn’t go as planned for the criminals, as a woman uses her handgun to end the threat.

WTHR is reporting that one suspect has been arrested and two are still on the loose after a mugging attempt in Indianapolis was foiled by a woman and her handgun.

The three men approached Crystal, who didn’t provide her last name, and attempted to rob her. That’s when she used her legally-permitted handgun to fire a shot, hitting one of the assailants and sending them all running.

Here’s the news report:

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Police arrested robbery suspect 18-year-old Deon Smith nearby, who had a gunshot wound in his shoulder.

Crystal made it clear that she hopes her experience helps others realize the importance of staying alert and protecting yourself. Her father influenced her decision to carry a handgun, and she’s appreciative that he did.

“I never thought anything like this in my life would happen,” Crystal said in the news report. “Learn how to protect yourself if you don’t know how. Be more aware. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings at all.”

Police are actively looking for the other two suspects.

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Indiana Woman’s Gun Sends Would-Be Muggers Fleeing [VIDEO]