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Indiana Treestand Sabotage [PICS]

Indiana DNR Facebook page

Our hunting treestands are our treetop palaces of the hunt, but someone in Indiana thinks otherwise. This act of treestand sabotage could have been very dangerous. 

Indiana game wardens rush to find the culprit of blatant treestand sabotage.

Indiana DNR Facebook page

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Facebook page states this is probably a form of hunter harassment that is indeed illegal in the state. In fact, it’s a misdemeanor. This outright act of vandalism could have been lethal had the hunter tried to use the treestand and not been aware of the damage. This was done on private land, so a trespasser was the likely culprit.

Be aware out there in the wilds and report any illegal activities you may encounter while out there.

Be safe and watchful always and report all hunting and fishing violations at 1-800-TIP-IDNR.

Indiana DNR Facebook page

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Indiana Treestand Sabotage [PICS]