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Indiana Steelhead: One of the Best Fisheries in the U.S.A.

Trail Creek Guide Service

It is obvious why Indiana steelhead have proven to be one of the most sought-after gamefish in recent years!

Following the huge push in fly fishing media in the last decade countless videos have come out featuring anglers in pursuit of steelhead. Many of the latest videos have been shot in pristine destinations ranging from the Pacific Northwest all the way up into Canada and even Alaska.

While these areas have been classic steelheading locations for over a hundred years all the hype surrounding these areas has left the Indiana steelhead population feeling lonely. Thats right, I said Indiana!

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Trail Creek Guide Service

Indiana began its steelhead initiative in 1889, with the first planting efforts taking place in the St. Joseph River. Unfortunately the early stocking program eventually failed and was not attempted again until 1968. Even with the help of experts from Wisconsin, the second attempt did not yield the desired results either.

It wasn't until 1971, when Indiana began to experiment with a Wisconsin strain of steelhead called the Skamania, that the program finally began to show some promise. Today, that program is still thriving and continues to  draw fishermen from across the U.S.

Many people consider this Indiana fishery to be one of the best steelhead fisheries in the country. Local guide, Justin Nguyen lives only minutes away from Trail Creek and is fortunate to be able to fish his "home waters" nearly every day. Justin operates as a guide out of Trail Creek Guide Service and has introduced many people in the area to steelhead and salmon fishing over the years.

Trail Creek Guide Service

Trail Creek is located in Michigan City, Indiana and is only a short drive from Chicago. Justin's guide service has helped anglers from all over to world, including places as far away as Alaska, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and Japan land their very first steelhead.

A guided trip on Trail Creek will included all the necessary gear and accessories you will need to be successful on the water. Clients will receive important lessons in steelheading including: casting, mending line, how to rig for float fishing, how to spot fish, how to deliver a natural presentation, how to fight fish, and much much more!

If you are looking into booking a trip with Justin Nguyen you will need a valid Indiana fishing license plus a trout and salmon stamp. Since catch and release is a big part of keeping a healthy fishery in the area it is encouraged during each trip. In order for a fish to be eligible to keep it must fit within the rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Natural Recources. Full and half day trips are available and rates for those trips can be found here.


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Indiana Steelhead: One of the Best Fisheries in the U.S.A.