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Indiana Pacers Go Fishing [PIC]

Should the Indiana Pacers go fishing, or focus on the playoffs?

Who are we to say? It’s always a good time for fishing.

This photo came through Paul George’s Instagram feed, depicting George, Evan Turner, and Oklahoma City’s Reggie Jackson with Turner’s impressive catch.

It’s not the first time George has made his affinity for fishing known publicly. Watch this video from of George, George Hill, and coach Brian Shaw doing a little fishing at a water hazard during a golf outing.

Indiana certainly has some nice fishing, and it’s great that these guys are taking advantage during their free time, even if the postseason is closing in.

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It’s cool to think about these guys we watch on TV, playing professional sports, are actually into some of the same things we are. They know how to appreciate a nice day out on the water, and they certainly know how to capture a fishing photo.

Do you know other famous athletes who are into fishing?


Images via Paul George’s Instagram feed

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Indiana Pacers Go Fishing [PIC]