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Indiana on Record-Setting Pace for Firearms Background Checks This Year

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Hoosier state is on pace to shatter previous firearms background checks record set in 2015. 

Indiana residents are on an absolute record-breaking pace buying firearms this year. The Indianapolis Business Journal reports 730,000 background checks were performed by gun retailers through April.

The numbers have certainly caught some attention, especially since the numbers for the same period of time last year were 302,672 according to FBI statistics. While the trend for Indiana has been an increase every year since 2004, this is the most dramatic one that has been seen yet.

The trend does fall in line with an increase in background checks nationwide however. The FBI reports a 34 percent higher rate of background checks than during the same time last year.

As for the cause to the significant increase this year, usual concerns over gun control in an election year and growing fears of violent crimes are being cited as most likely factors.

It might be worth noting that this year will mark the first one Indiana hunters will legally be able to use rifles for deer hunting on private lands. Whether the news of the controversial new regulations has had any sort of impact on firearms sales in the state is probably impossible to know at this point though.

One thing is for certain however, last year was a record year for Indiana with over 1 million total background checks. But the new numbers being reported have definitely put the Hoosier state on a path to likely shatter that record by the year’s end.


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Indiana on Record-Setting Pace for Firearms Background Checks This Year