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Indiana Hunter Gets Lost, Says Les Stroud Saved His Life [VIDEO]


Apparently some televisions shows really can save your life. 

Jackie Bellinger, a local Indiana hunter hailing from Brown county, was trying to get in one last day of deer season when evening fell upon the woods, and he found himself lost.

Similarly to this story of survival from Alaska, with night upon him, Bellinger was able to build a shelter and start a fire for warmth, all based on what he remembered watching Les Stroud do on "Survivorman."

Watch this crazy story and see for yourself why not all television is bad.
13 WTHR Indianapolis
Bellinger was able to send out spotty texts all through the night telling family members that he was lost. By morning though, his phone had died. His message had been sent and family members, as well as state police agencies, were all out looking for the missing hunter. He was eventually picked up by a passerby on a highway 20 miles away from where he entered the woods.

I have personally hunted these very woods where Bellinger was lost. It is easier to get lost than you may think, especially for this area of Indiana. Rolling hills, steep ridges, and dense forests all look the same for miles. Luckily for him, he was able to find a roadway and has a story he may one day tell his grandchildren.

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Indiana Hunter Gets Lost, Says Les Stroud Saved His Life [VIDEO]