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Indiana DNR Uses Chainsaw to Free Two Locked Up Bucks. Yep, a Chainsaw [VIDEO]

This is how they roll in Indiana. 

Locked up buck videos can be found here and there all over the Internet when bucks start to get in the peak of the rut. Hunters, homeowners, and even people driving down the road all carry cell phones everywhere they go these days, so catching two bucks locked up isn’t that hard to capture on video when the opportunity presents itself.

In this video, two Indiana DNR officers encounter a couple locked up bucks and decide to use a chainsaw to separate them. Yep. A chainsaw.

Of all the crazy deer sparring videos I’ve seen lately, this may be a first. Have you heard of this technique before?

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I hope that buck on the ground came out of that mess okay. According to the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page, both bucks came away alright, even if they where just mildly terrified.

That one did survive and ran off, after it caught its breath. Just a bit worn out after all the fighting and entanglement.

As a native Hoosier, born, raised, and currently living here, I can honestly say this is just how we roll… Awesome job guys!

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Indiana DNR Uses Chainsaw to Free Two Locked Up Bucks. Yep, a Chainsaw [VIDEO]