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Indiana Buck Tangles Antlers in Hammock

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Indiana

When I was a kid, my father was my elementary school math teacher.

Every day of his career, dad, or Mr. Smith to everyone else, would hang a different “Far Side” comic strip outside of his office door. All the students and staff would look forward to those daily comics to get a laugh before the day even started. My favorite one of them all is pictured below.

Indiana buck

As you can see, it’s a buck ramming its rack into a branch as its jumping over a log. The caption says it all.

When these pictures from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office of Indiana broke online, those memories from above came flooding back. An Indiana buck is supposed to be a majestic creature. The one below, well, it tried.

Indiana buck

The Sheriff’s Office had this to say about the whole ordeal

A happy ending to what could have been a very sad story, thanks to Animal Control Deputy Sanford and Deputy Dodd. Officers were dispatched to help a deer whose antlers were stuck in a hammock. With some extra caution to avoid antlers and hooves, the deer was cut loose from the ropes and, despite wearing a few extra strings on his rack, ran off to enjoy the day.

As a reminder, never approach an injured deer as hurt or sick animals can act unpredictably. Animal Control usually deals with domestic animals but will assist the Department of Natural Resources with wild animals in an emergency. There are still lots of deer, coyotes, foxes, and other wild animals in Hamilton County despite humans encroaching on animals’ habitats.

Thank you Hamilton County for going above and beyond!


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Indiana Buck Tangles Antlers in Hammock