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Deer Hunter Films Indiana Black Bear About to Climb His Stand

Indiana Black Bear

With only one Indiana black bear thought to live in the state, catching it on video is impressive, especially under somewhat nerve-wracking circumstances.

The Hoosier state is known for many things, but black bears are not one of them. However, this year, a single black bear has been spotted several times in different areas around southern Indiana. The Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife is constantly posting pictures of tracks and bear sign trying to follow it’s progress around the state. However, until this deer hunter caught the bear on tape, it’s largely gone unseen. Well, until now.

As you are about to see, the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge shared a video from Alan Smithson, the hunter who recorded the clip. He was hunting in the Indiana refuge when the bear made an appearance. Things took a turn on the nerves when it started to climb his stand.

Here’s the video:

Luckily for Smithson, the bear took off. Black bears are not known to be aggressive, so it’s not surprising to see it run off like this one did.

Considering this just might be the only Indiana black bear in the state, it’s become something of a celebrity. It sure is cool to get to finally see it.


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Deer Hunter Films Indiana Black Bear About to Climb His Stand