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Incredibly Lifelike Fishing Lure Made from Drinking Straw [VIDEO]

Blurring the line between utility and art, this angler creates a cuttlefish lure from a drinking straw that is unbelievably accurate. And it works!

You could rightly argue that the fishing lure this angler makes is as much origami art as it is practical lure. From either, or both points of view, it is surely also one of the most creative uses for a common item as you are likely to see anywhere.

Here, angler/inventor Jong-Chool Do repurposes a simple plastic drinking straw into a wonderfully lifelike fishing lure resembling a shrimp.

With little more than small scissors and a skill at origami (paper folding) he transforms the ordinary and mundane – a straw – into something completely different and beautiful: a fishing lure.

Note: This time-lapse video condenses Jong-Chool’s handwork into a three-minute visual bite. It actually takes him around 24 minutes to complete the finished shrimp.

We’ve provided the link to that longer video at the end of this article, should you wish to try and duplicate the lure yourself.

To prove that his light-as-air creation is indeed also a practical fishing tool, Jong-Chool films himself actually catching a cuttlefish with the straw shrimp lure.

Jong-Chool Do is a fisherman. He is also a highly skilled tech junkie who creates unusual contraptions employing both modern digital technology and simple mechanics.

You could also properly refer to him as an artist. His YouTube channel is filled with wonderful inventions.

Hing-Chool Do is a man who looks at the simple objects of world with the eyes of an inventor. Here is the link to the real time version of the straw/shrimp lure.

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Incredibly Lifelike Fishing Lure Made from Drinking Straw [VIDEO]