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The Incredible True Story of the Battling Maine Bull Moose and the Mount That Was Made From Them

All photos via Facebook/Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Two Bull Moose were found dead in the spring of 2006, locked together after a rut battle for the ages. Here's the story of the incredible full-body mount that was made afterwards.

In the spring of 2006, Adella Johnson of New Sweden, Maine found the remains of two Bull Moose that had been locked together in a swamp on her property since the previous fall.

After Game Wardens from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife had investigated and taken pictures, wardens recovered the skulls and antlers of the two beasts, which have never since been separated.

In an act of graciousness Ms. Johnson donated the antlers to the state which partnered with the famed LLBean Company to create a full-body mount of the two battling moose to be preserved forever.

The MDIFW worked with taxidermist Mark Dufresne of Natures Reflection Taxidermy on the project which has been named "The Final Charge"

The amazing feat started in a swamp with the decomposing bodies of two beautiful Maine Bull Moose.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW.

The heads were removed with antlers intact taking care that they never once were separated.

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Once the flesh was removed and the bone cleaned, they took a ride to the taxidermy studio.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW....

The artist then started with a scale model of what would become the final product.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW.....

The massive horns would come back to life with some elbow grease and some color.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW......

The next step was fabricating two full-size replica bodies.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW.......

The legs were cut, trimmed, and reattached to give the appearance of a "head-down" brawl.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW........

Before you know it hide, hooves, and then the heads were applied to give the mount life.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW.........

When it was done it looked like a work of art for the ages! Who wants one of these in their man-cave?!

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW..........

The only original part of either of the two moose is the antlers, and what a set of antlers they are!

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW...........

The Final Charge mount is shown here at the Natural Resource Center, Fryeberg Fair in the fall of 2013.

1 battlingbullmooseMDIFW............

The final resting place for this amazing full-body mount is at the LLBean flagship store in Freeport, Maine. Ms. Johnson hopes that these two bulls, that gave their lives in such a natural way, can be used for educational purposes.

Anyone chancing to see this incredible display will be in awe of the size and strength of such beautiful and powerful animals.

No question that educational displays like these can be used to create a new generation of conservation minded citizens by bringing the great outdoors a little closer for all to see.

Follow the link to the MDIFW Facebook page to see these photos and many more of this awesome achievement.


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The Incredible True Story of the Battling Maine Bull Moose and the Mount That Was Made From Them